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Cape Coral Technical College Computer Systems Technology Testimonials

I found my time at Cape Coral Technical College to be an adventure. Every day I was learning something that I did not know and I have been working in the field for over 25 years. CCTC gave me the chance to renew my current skills, as well as learn new skills. Would I return to CCTC for more training? Yes I would.

Robert Tuller

Have you ever opened a computer and wondered how all of the wires, cards, and components work? I came into the Computer Systems & Information Technology class at Cape Coral Technical College with a bit of computer knowledge, mostly in regards to gaming. I know that when I opened up my first computer in class, I was a little taken aback; I wasn’t sure if I would ever really be comfortable working with computer hardware.

Now, after completing the course, I am confident not only in my computer hardware knowledge, but also in my software skills, too. One thing that I think every person in the class liked is how you work at your own pace; so, if you come into the class with a lot of computer knowledge, or no computer knowledge, you can move as fast, or as slow, as you like. The instructor has had years of experience with computers, and also, with teaching. He took a personal interest in every student in the class, made sure that every question was answered, and helped me with the hands-on labs.

The hands-on labs were actually my favorite part of the class. In the labs, we learned how to repair and upgrade parts, how to secure a computer from malicious attacks, and how to maintain the health of a personal computer. I would recommend this class to anyone with an interest in computers or to anyone looking for an entry-level job in the PC business.

Nathan Modglin

Cape Coral Technical College provided me the tools I needed to help me be successful in my current job. It also gave me the ability to stay competitive in the current job market.

Janior Valle

As an adult returning to a classroom environment, this course was very enjoyable, provided a positive learning experience and was professionally rewarding.

Diane Hoak

I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon the best kept secret in Lee County…Cape Coral Technical College. At Cape Coral Technical College, I was able to acquire the tools necessary to secure a job in the IT industry. As a result of the thorough curriculum and my extremely inspiring instructor, I stand head above shoulders over my peers as a call center PC Support Technician. I firmly believe that if not for my experience at Cape Coral Technical College, I would not have been able to have met the challenges presented by our recent economic crisis. Thank you Cape Coral Technical College!

Luis Garcia

An essential class for learning the ins and outs of a PC, from hardware to software. I’ve witnessed classmates start the class intimidated by the jumble of wires connected to the back of a computer and advance to editing the registry in the operating system. The class is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, learning at your own pace, coupled with hands-on lab activities and personal ‘one-on-one’ instruction from the instructor.

Chris Benco

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