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Get Involved!

Cape Coral Technical College invites community leaders and employers to take an active role in helping our students become successful.

We offer opportunities to:

  • Join our advisory boards –
    Advisory members help Cape Coral Technical College instructors ensure our students receive the most up-to-date, targeted, career-oriented curriculum possible.
  • Be a guest speaker –
    Share your experience and insights with our students.
  • Offer internship opportunities –
    Internships and on-the job training help our students gain real-world experience.
  • Provide job shadowing and mentoring opportunities –
    Help students gain the perspective and guide their professional development through mentoring or job shadowing.
  • Participate in employability workshops and seminars –
    Advise our students on how to apply for a job, be successful in an interview, create a targeted resume & portfolio, as well as soft-skill development and self-promotion.

Have questions? Contact us or call (239) 574-4440.