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Cape Coral Technical College Digital Design Testimonials

Commercial Art/Digital Design gave me a complete ‘real world’ education. After class completion I found myself ready with the skills and knowledge i needed to find a job in the real world. With in-depth and hands on training, it was easy to learn the tools needed. Having Mr. Hawk as teacher made all the difference. He has worked in the area of training and is more than happy to pass on his knowledge to his students. Overall, I can thank Cape Coral Technical College and its Commercial Art/Digital Design for where I am in my career today.

Josh Noom

“My name is Chris Shepard, and I consider the time I spent at Cape Coral Technical College to be the only real education I ever had, even though I have an AA degree. College focused on increasing my overall knowledge of the world through liberal arts, whereas Cape Coral Technical College gave me a true hands-on education. With a hands-on education I was able to develop my natural art abilities into marketable skills. As a result, I am now fulfilling my dream of being a self employed graphic designer.

In addition, my Digital Design instructor, Kevin Hawk, had lots of extremely valuable real world knowledge and was able to plan a very effective course curriculum with his experience. I believe vocational schools like Cape Coral Technical College with teachers like Kevin Hawk, are the best way in America to get an education. If I could, I would go back for more!”

Sincerely, Chris Shepard

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