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CCTC Information Dual Enrollment Process

Dual Enrollment Application

2022-2023 Eligible Dual Enrollment Programs

Cape Coral Technical College Dual Enrollment Procedures 2022-2023

1. Eligibility Application-Complete paperwork with School Counselor to demonstrate that you are on-track for graduation. Counselor will submit completed application to Cape Coral Technical College Admissions Specialist:

✓ Passed Algebra 1 EOC
✓ Passed FSA Reading test
✓ Have a 2.0 minimum GPA
✓ Have no more than 2 academic credits to complete
✓ Documentation of Basic Skills Exemption-if applicable (see below)

2. Shadow Visit-Once application is submitted a CCTC admissions representative will reach out to you to schedule your visit.

✓ Visit two programs you are interested in (have a back-up program in mind)
✓ Meet with Admissions representative

3. Basic Skills Assessment Test- Student will schedule their test.

✓ No cost for DE students
✓ Language/Reading and Math component
✓ Check minimum scores for your program of interest
✓ Call to schedule your assessment, there is no cost to DE students

Exemptions: Entrance Testing Exemptions. A student may be exempted from the entrance testing requirement by documenting anyone of the following: (a, b,c OR d)

a. Minimum SAT scores (Reading 24, Writing and Language 25, and Math 24)
b. Minimum ACT scores (Reading – 19 English – 17 Mathematics – 19)
c. Possessing a state, national or industry certification or licensure examination that is identified in the list entitled “Basic Skills and Licensure Exemption List”.
d. Course Exemption-Have an unweighted 3.0 GPA and “B” or better in specific courses as outlined by FDOE, see Admissions Specialists for list.

4. Complete Enrollment Packet

✓ Check that all documents are signed with Parent where appropriate
✓ Include a current copy of your high school transcript
✓ Upload documentation into online enrollment form

*There may be additional steps dependent upon program of interest.

5. Enroll!

✓ Upload documentation into the online enrollment form on our website. Enrollment is on a first come first seat basis.

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